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Friday, July 17, 2009

what a bad day....

i just donno what to post in here..
so i just post weird pic in here...
you guys have a look and smile..^_^

the pilot cannot break on time (kes break tak makan berbulan nie..hahaha)

i just don't get can that car get at the top and the car next to it doesn't damage a little..

a police road block..hahaha..(pasti takde mat rempit terlepas nie..hahaha)

overweight maybe??

where did that boulder came from?? a meteor?? hahaha..

they are long lost siblings..they were hugging..hahaha

what a powerful motorcycle..the car have the most damages of all...ish..ish..

leper siot..hahaha.. an elephant take a sit there...hahaha..

an easy carwash..rm1 per entry...hahaha...

woo...still can take a pic there..what a brave guy..

what a beautiful car and what a waste...

hmm..maybe a drunk guy park his car there...hahaha

hahaha..weird man.. still can smoke while his car is sinking..

underwater parking..50 cent per entry..wanna park??

that lorry to lazy to it leaning to that car..(kes buli..hahaha)

have a break with kit kat...hahaha..

park on the wrong place at the wrong time..hahaha...pity on the owner..

can't a lorry have a bath??? hahaha..

a new technique of break dance...hahaha..

so that all folks..
(just wanted to test my english so i type in english..^_^)
(a little broken eh??hahaha)


SasHa Lee said...

besh..memg da bad day for dem..hehe;)


fasih berbahasa melayu?sila guna.hahahaha.hari yg bad??kita lawan arus.arini ari hapy.sbb donad kita gebu.

Monkey D Luffy said...



Night Crawler said...

kak ayeen..pos sini satu..nak rasa..hehehe..donat gebu..shedap tuu...hehehe

DilOt said...

mmuahaha,,lawak ...

mcm2 hal...

Anonymous said...

good luck to improve ur english. next sem .mueT. .ekeke

Night Crawler said...